Snow Dragon is our home and she has taken us to some pretty remote and interesting places including Svalbard, Ukraine, Greenland and Labrador. Normally it’s just the two of us but occasionally our land friends come to visit, some even braving the northern latitudes. After spending the winter in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, our focus this year is West Greenland and Baffin Island.

Snow Dragon II is a 49’ aluminum sailboat designed by Dick Koopmans. Her hull and deck were built in Holland by Folmers and she was finished in California at KKMI by her owner, Frances Brann. Snow Dragon prefers Dacron to diesel and loves remote anchorages. Her port of registry is Juneau, Alaska and she has earned it, spending two seasons in Alaska including Prince William Sound and Kenai Fijords. Snow Dragon’s crew consists of Frances Brann and Krystina Scheller.

If you have any questions regarding Snow Dragon please comment on any of the posts or inquire at asksnowdragon2@gmail.com

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