Greenland: Carey Oer And The Sleeping Bear

I really should turn the key on the engine and get ready to stow anchor chain but I don’t want to leave Carey Oer and neither does Frances. The small, scattered rocky islands are our last stop in Greenland before we head to Baffin Island and though we know we still have some wonderful experiences ahead of us, it is sad leaving Greenland behind.

The past 5 weeks have been a mix of gales, engine repairs, good friends, pushing ice with very little sleep and special encounters with whales, muskox and now the sleeping polar bear that is blissfully dreaming on the grassy slope below the bird cliff on Isbjorneo where we are anchored.

It’s amazing how a small out of the way place like Carey Oer that few people make the effort to reach, makes the difficulty of getting to Greenland well worth it. On a chart, the islands are easy to miss and give no hint to the incredible bird and animal life on the mini archipelago.

If I could have it my way, Snow Dragon would be spending this winter in Greenland. Frances has similar thoughts, but we both know we have too much work to do on Snow Dragon to get her ready for the Northwest Passage next year than would be possible to do in Greenland, even Nuuk.

Now it’s time to have dinner and spend a few more minutes watching our sleeping neighbor from the pilothouse before pulling anchor and moving on to Arctic Canada.

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