Greenland: Qeqertaq, Is It An Island?

“Is it really an island?” “I don’t know, lets find out.”

Of course we knew from that chart that we were on an island but there was something about the granite hills feeding into the mountains on the headland that made Frances ask the question with a mischievous smile.

What she was not counting on was my reply, we both went to shore thinking we would wander for an hour around the settlement and get carried away taking photos of the sled dog puppies. After all, it’s normally Frances who sets off for the highest peak, leaving me and anyone else with us to humbly suggest that a smaller hill might do – this time it was me.

From our viewpoint above the settlement of Qeqertaq, we finished the fruit and nut bar we had split and set off to see if the hand mirror shaped island of the same name, was indeed an island. The hard granite that formed the island was easy walking, encouraging us to continue even with Frances whimpering about hunger.

As we walked along the handle we could see icebergs on both sides, including one that was gloriously blue under the water with a discreet white fan of ice above. Looking back I could see Snow Dragon happy at anchor with no ice close enough to disturb her.

The closer we got to our goal the more I worried that our planned adventure might worry Riikka who was onboard taking a nap and expected us back for dinner. We were only 45 minutes from the summit but it was already 8pm and we decided, “Is it really and island?,” would have to remain unanswered until next time.

Before turning around, we climbed up onto a giant, rectangular, chunk of granite and split our remaining bar. Laughter filled the air from the natural swimming pool below as I took in the view along the spine of the island back towards the blue, red and yellow houses of the town. Sitting in the hot sun I realized, we are doing exactly what the inhabitants of Qeqertaq are doing, enjoying the island.

3 Comments on Greenland: Qeqertaq, Is It An Island?

  1. Which Qeqertaq are we talking about?! How was Baffin? Article in Sailing Today (March issue) might interest you. Yes Carey Islands really interesting….

  2. Hi Bob, The Qeqertaq I refer to is 70 01N – 051 16W and well worth stopping if you have the time.

    • Oh yes I’ve got it, more or less. I once took a short cut from the scenic glacier with the hut nearby to the Vaigat. Not a success as three glaciers fed into the short cut!

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