At Sea: Dull Days And Simple Pleasures

Yesterday was dull. The mix of headwinds, uniform gray sky and sea, patches of fog and lack of animal life with the exception of the odd bird was anything but inspiring. Not to mention Frances still being green at the gills, only improving after downing her drug of choice, Dramamine.

Today would have easily fit into the same category if it hadn’t been calm enough to take showers. After 3 days of active sailing, a hot shower was a welcomed opportunity though of course it came at the early hours of the morning. I weighed my options, wake Frances or Riikka or wait 3 hours and risk conditions deteriorating. In the end I waited half an hour then woke Frances up, she wasn’t pleased to be woken up while off watch but I think appreciated it in the end. We decided Riikka would rather have the sleep but she appeared a short while later and happily took advantage of the calmer conditions.

Frances is in the galley cooking lunch, a miracle considering she would only leave her bunk yesterday long enough to stand watch and eat small amounts of food (by Frances’ standards). Riikka is on watch, passing the time by trying to identify the particular type of seagull that is currently keeping us company. And I’m about to download GRIB files on the satellite phone to check the wind forecast for the rest of the week. A beam reach with 15-20 knots of wind would be nice, but then again we are headed to Greenland and I’m sure the Greenlandic weather will be anything but dull and predictable.

Snow Dragon is lightly bouncing, powering into rolling seas after spending all night sailing. The distance to Nuuk slowly decreasing, 900 miles to go.

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