Perfect Day At Sea: Ice, Whales & Calm

“The sky is alive,” that’s the first thought that came to my mind at 5am this morning as I settled myself into the pilothouse navigation chair. I didn’t have long to admire it, Frances had woken me up with the news that the Wabasto heater was not working and she needed assistance changing out the fuel nozzle. An annoying task considering the heater had just come back from being serviced.

After I finished juggling between fetching parts for Frances, making sure Snow Dragon was happy, manning the furnace switches and making breakfast. I settled back into the navigation chair to find the sky was even more magnificent than I had left it. The lack of blue sky was made up for by sparkling light grays intermixed with deeper smoky tones without being sinister, perfect for framing the white iceberg sitting on the horizon off our starboard bow.

The wind that had filled our sails for the past 24hrs since leaving St Pierre came to a calm and I broke the silence of the morning by turning the engine on and furling the sails. Riikka appeared to help with sails before filling Snow Dragon with the customary morning smell of freshly ground coffee.

After rounding Cape Race it looked as if the fog was rolling in and we braced ourselves for another dull day of limited visibility in berggy water under power. But the fog aside from a short period, kept its distance. Leaving us enough visibility to spot the real magic of the day, humpback whales surrounding us, breeching and fluking in their search for food.

Eventually the seas will build and it will get uncomfortable, but for now we’ll enjoy the calm. Back under sail, only 1,030 miles to go.

1 Comment on Perfect Day At Sea: Ice, Whales & Calm

  1. It might have only been a bit of dirt picked up from the oil tank and nothing to do with the service on the heater. I’m glad you have spares though, it might get a bit cold without the heater. Neil

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