St Pierre: Pit Stop In France

How far out of your way would you go for a freshly baked French croissant? To be honest, our stop in St. Pierre did have more to do with the location of the island in relation to crossing to Greenland. But the thought of French bakeries, cheese and wine did help pass the time as we battled headwinds and fog leaving Nova Scotia.

Now that we are actually tied to the dock and have been on various rain soaked walks around town, I can’t say that I am any the wiser on what the island looks like other than the odd dark shape looming out of the fog then disappearing. The locals tell us the fog will last another 3 months and that we will have to return in the fall if we want to see the island.

Today we will be leaving St Pierre and spending the next two weeks at sea as we cross the 1,300nm to Nuuk, Greenland. Greenland was always on our itinerary this year but our first stop being Nuuk is to pick up special friends who will be joining us. There are friends and then there are friends you cross oceans for and the people we picking up in Greenland are definitely worth crossing oceans for.

There are also friends worth crossing oceans with and we are very happy that Riikka has joined us for the trip from Nova Scotia to Greenland.

I will tweet during the crossing and if conditions permit, post a blog update.


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